WAIS High Performance Service Centre

A few weeks ago I was contracted to photograph the brand new WAIS High Performance Service Centre in Mount Claremont. Photographing this Building wasn’t an easy feat. Waking up before dawn I traveled to the WAIS High Performance Service Centre to get an idea of the area and which angles would work best for sunrise.  With construction still happening to the left of the building I had to try keep as much fencing and caution tape out of the images. Starting with the exterior at sunrise I used several flashes to highlight the bold design. Moving inside to the interior the morning sun did all the work with amazing natural light beaming though the windows and bouncing off the walls to light up the expansive office spaces. With the rest of the building hidden from the natural light, multiple flashes were used to help light up every corner of this amazing centre.


This new facility, worth $33.73 million, is the home for many Western Australian elite athletes.  This two story building provides many facilities for our elite athletes such as:

  • strength and conditioning gym
  • multi-purpose training and testing area
  • 80m five lane indoor runway for long jump, sprinting and throwing sports, which also includes a 10m ceiling height to support the national pole vault and Javelin programs
  • hydrotherapy and recovery pools
  • physiology and environmental laboratory’s for sports science research and testing
  • consultation rooms for drug testing, anthropometry, physiotherapy and medical analysis





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